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Why OEMs should explore Industrial Maintenance as a Service? (#imaas)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

OEMs can be the key to successful maintenance for their customers. And End Users are ready to pay for this service (Industrial Maintenance as a Service).

  1. Industrial Maintenance as a Service (#imaas) is customer (End Users) driven

  2. Delivering or adopting Industrial Maintenance as a service is the move to make before Industry 4.0

  3. OEMs must pivot their Business Models while there is still time

1. Industrial Maintenance as a Service (#IMaas) is customer (End Users) driven

We have been studying many factories' floors for almost more than a year (People who use OEM machines). Here is a summary of some results:

What are your biggest problems?

Are you ready for a transition to industry 4.0?

No, we are not ready for the fourth industrial revolution (85% of those surveyed).

It is mainly because most factories still have major difficulties:

  • Preventative tasks are not documented (rich medias) and up to date

  • Technicians and operators feedback are not shared, analysed or implemented (even less with OEMs)

  • Financial, production and maintenance data are not gathered in a common digital space (in other word, the cloud)

What are your next challenges?

The next challenges for us are simple:

  • "Outsource" maintenance management in a sustainable way. Connecting to OEMs Maintenance as a Service is probably the easiest

  • Transfer all software, machines and financial data to the cloud

  • Start buying "connected" machines for a smoother transition towards Industry 4.0

It is clear that most product manufacturers or machine end users are not ready to take the plunge in Industry 4.0. Some bases need to be built first and OEMs have a big role to play in facilitating this transition.

2. Delivering or adopting Industrial Maintenance as a service is the move to make before Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is a big word.

For a manufacturing CEO, it simply means spending a lot of money on projects and testing. The Return on investment (ROI) remains, at this stage, so unclear and the transformation affects many stakeholders (operations, production, maintenance, OEMs, IT, management, training, quality, shipping ...). To be honest, he will tell you that it is almost better to build a brand new state of the art factory (I guess he'll be okay saying it when you're running a plant with machines that are 10 years old on average).

From the perspective of the CEO of an OEM brand, it's easier. All trends are good for sales and he can use it. As long as the demand is there and if he can put its machines above the level of competition. He will say: just make it happen!

So where is the middle? Personally, I think it could be in the area of ​​OEM customer service. This is crucial for the Industry to bridge the connectivity gap between OEMs and their customers, before providing Industry 4.0. And this connection can be made around things that machine end users / product manufacturers are willing to pay for: Industrial Maintenance as a Service.

3. OEMs must pivot their Business Models while there is still time.

Since Industry 4.0 significantly affects business models and OEMs' wallets, it may make sense to secure some revenue.

By providing Industrial Maintenance as a Service to their customers, OEMs could planned their Business Model pivot:

  • Reduce customer service costs by enabling and automating customers' communication with a conversational assistant

  • Reduce support costs by answering all of their customers' technical questions through a "Google-type search" platform for their machines

  • Increase OEM spare parts revenue by creating and proposing an "Amazon-type" online catalog

  • Increase machine service from expert technicians by planning, scheduling and informing customers via a web calendar platform

  • Increase sales while using the maintenance platform as a service as a advertising targeting tool.

And much more ... Many more ways to propose "small package" but solid incomes before selling the big industry 4.0 to frightened customers.


You get it: OEMs need to make a choice as soon as possible. Industrial Maintenance as a Service (#imaas) represents substantial benefits for both parties, and prepares a very open road for Industry 4.0.

But everything is yet to be written, it's up to you to be innovative, visionary, inspired, creative and ingenious OEMs.

You can start now by contacting us.

I hope this article sheds some light on the subject.

Do not hesitate to leave your comments and answer the questions.

Thank you for your time.

This article is based on suggestions and personal studies aimed at generalising information. Please be respectful in your comments.

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