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Next-gen mobile CMMS

imwt beautifully implement next-gen mobile CMMS.

Why change your CMMS?

Yes, your current CMMS is cheap, it's because it's obsolete! Changing CMMS these days is no longer a simple question of ROI. This change is directly related to a company's choice to embrace digitization.

Your workplace becomes a museum compared to your everyday life.

Your CMMS is an obsolete and complicated locked mad machine.

You think that human behaviour is from now on linked to technologies.


Significantly improve your maintenance culture by putting it in everyone's pocket.


Train your team for free with an unprecedented adoption rate.


The CMMS becomes the safe of your maintenance know-how.

6 reasons to change your CMMS

Change can sometimes be defined by a decision. Here you have the power to equip your company with a true maintenance culture with full adoption by your employees. This also includes an educational, effective, empowering and inclusive approach.


Connect sensors, PLC and make decisions from impressive analytics.


Easily share job information and always be aware of what's going on in your plant/facility.


With a cloud-based CMMS, ROI affects all parts of the business in record time.

Will your existing CMMS survive?

Technologies are evolving exponentially. Large CMMS will not be able to cope with such rapid development. It remains to choose the right start-up, an agile company that will place itself between innovation and customer needs.


More than 500 CMMS are available on the market and about 5 created each year.


Nearly 90% of the CMMS on the market today can be considered obsolete.


New technologies, industry 4.0 and IIOT will potentially integrate to CMMS.

We are implementing any next-gen CMMS

We chose to implement SaaS CMMS because you will be able to deploy the maintenance system you have always dreamed of for your business. It will also give you the possibility to connect your CMMS to your ERP, machines and financial system to automate more than the work of your maintenance team. You will significantly reduce your maintenance costs compared to your competitors as your company smoothly transitions to Industry 4.0.


Implementing, using and developing next-gen CMMS is simply a treat for all stakeholders. 


With constant support and extremely responsive customer service, you are in good hands.


New technologies, industry 4.0 and IIOT are welcome and permanently integrated.

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