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80% of work instructions 

will be filmed by 2030.


msapp - Film your work instructions

With msapp, you can easily film, share and improve your work instructions in a step-by-step video format from your smartphone. The only skill required is your knowledge.

The most efficient transfer

of industrial know-how - For them, for you.

Industrial competition is raging, you must now reduce your intervention times, production stoppages, equipment breakdowns, training or after-sales service costs; while maintaining and transmitting your know-how to your employees or customers.








Get ready,

be among the first.

It is predicted that 80% of work instructions will be based on the use of video media by 2030. This is a new era, better explain, be concise and capture the interest of viewers from the first seconds who - from fact - love the videos. msapp is the market leading solution for video work instructions because it is the best return on educational investment.



Accelerate the transition of the world's workplaces to sustainable education.



Creating video content is growing and becoming incredibly easy.



Workplace technologies are obsolete compared to our personal lives.



Capture the gestures of your know-how to educate your captivated audience.


Film, film, film,

share and improve.

Do a great job the first time and forever by turning checklists, procedures, SOPs, instructions, guides, operation and maintenance manuals into step-by-step videos. Film quickly from your smartphone. Trigger and watch instructions from QR codes or URL links. Easily share your instructions with your CMMS or existing systems. Record user comments.



The right information

at the right time.

In this context, we will help you to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information. Transformation is quick, inexpensive, and should be targeted to your most important needs. No more paper instructions and interpretations. Value all your users, capitalize on knowledge and reduce your education costs by up to 50%.

Work safer and smarter

Transform watching videos into gestural and motor skills.


Master best


Make and share useful, accurate and consistent contents.


Accept staff


Retain and maintain all your know-how despite staff turnover.




Continuously train confident users as they work from day 1.


Why not use

YouTube ?

There is real expertise and a professional sense at msapp, guaranteeing the speed of execution of Youtube, while adapting to your sector of activity: securing your data and step-by-step instructions of your know-how including the safety of your employees. We guarantee the development of a collective intelligence which can even take on an external value...


Secure Cloud


Your know-how is secured by AWS also ensuring unparalleled speed of use.

Shoot very short videos

Quickly capture short videos to maximize your audience's learning.

People before business

Videos can be queued before getting security message approval.

Integrate with your software

CMMS, IIOT platform, learning, security, audit and skills management systems...

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