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The incredible benefits for your operators of using a CMMS.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

If you don't know it yet, your operators can be the key to the reliability of your machines! The new CMMS are mobile and require no training. High competition, work transformation and inflation push CEOs to be very innovative. Employees must work as one team with a single vision. So what if everyone is working on a single tool, a CMMS?

Start with the why ?

“A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.” Simon Sinek

Facts: I know, it's always the same story…

  • your production and maintenance teams do not take the time to work together

  • your downtime is blamed on bad operators who don't understand assets

  • most employees say the maintenance team is unable to fix anything

Causes: Does this speak to you?

  • Too much paperwork

  • Too much complexity

  • Too much assumption

  • Too much babysitting

  • Too much error

  • Too much letdown

Results: We should all work together toward the same vision and goals...

  • Production Loss

  • Low Morale

  • Build up frustrations

I've been hammering this message for over 10 years now but 90% of the factories I visit still don't work together. The most important thing is to admit that you have these problems.

Same vision = Same Tool ?

What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” Simon Sinek

I have identified at least 6 CMMS features that your operators could benefit from on a daily basis, here is the list below:

1. Mobility: No more paperwork

  • DEVICE: Data collection must take place in front of the machine

  • SIMPLICITY: Provide positive experiences that adopt users without training

  • ACCURACY: Reliable data is the core of good maintenance (QR code, photos…)

2. Reactive: No more complexity

  • INPUT: Everyone must know who, what and when to act with the CMMS

  • VISUAL: Visual remains the best way language when it comes to teamwork

  • UNIQUE: There's only one way to do things, no exceptions, no excuses

3. Preventive: No more assumptions

  • FILM: Video-based instructions are the vault of your know-how (msapp)

  • GESTURE: Gestures should be at the center of education not checklists

  • MEASURE: Employees learning curve must be measured and rewarded

4. Automation: No more babysitting

  • IF, THEN: Automate and escalate actions with predefined workflows

  • PROCESS: Integrating your processes with CMMS saves you repetition

  • INFORMATION: Right information in the right place, eliminate every questions

5. Communication: No more error

  • WALKIES TALKIE: It was invented in 1937, WiFi live communication is the way

  • CHAT: Improve the communication of your teams thanks to chats

  • NOTIFICATION: Always be aware of what is going on into your plant / facility

6. Measures: No more letdown

  • ANALYTICS: The only way to improve is to measure and share the impact

  • REWARD: Setting common goals and achieving them is already rewarding

  • PERFORM: Putting people at the center of your business will make you successful

Take away:

  • Set clear goals

  • Collaboration

  • Improve

  • Great environment

  • Happiness

  • Self-Development

  • Confidence & Leadership

  • Digital transformation

  • Autonomous maintenance

How do you get there ?

“The goal is not to be perfect by the end, the goal is to be better today." Simon Sinek

  • CHANGE YOUR CMMS? If your CMMS is still paper-based, your maintenance management is clearly obsolete. If you have digital transformation plans, start simple, very simple… (Why should you change your CMMS?)

  • DRIVE COLLABORATIVE PROJECT If your maintenance and operation / production team do not want to work together, this project will fail. Decision makers must constantly lead and hold leaders accountable.

  • ONE VISION, SHARE The processing of information must be at the heart of your approach in order to facilitate sharing. When you are getting a new machine… What is happening?

  • CREATE CONTENTS The important thing here is to create the backbone of your know-how and to be ultra-responsive to feedback. Filming the knowledge of those who know is rewarding for them.

Keep it simple !

  • SIMPLE THOUGHTS: Daily reminders to listen for the noises, feel the vibrations & visual monitoring

  • SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: Document machine’s running inspections, cleaning and lubrication

  • SIMPLE ACTIONS: Ask, listen and collect feedback, immediately transform instructions

  • SIMPLE COLLABORATION: Run a 2 weekly Production & Maintenance meeting with challenges


It's 2022, and if you don't know it yet, your operators can be the key to the reliability of your machines!

With new technologies and a tool that you all have, your CMMS, you can create incredible benefits for your business.

“Dream big, start small. But most of all, start.” Simon Sinek

I hope this article sheds some light on the subject. Do not hesitate to leave your comments and raise questions. Thank you for your time.

This article is based on suggestions and personal studies aimed at generalizing information. Please be respectful in your comments.

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